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TAIMY Chronicles! (Cover art) by Asweetdarkheart TAIMY Chronicles! (Cover art) :iconasweetdarkheart:Asweetdarkheart 2 0 Just a Smile: Chpt 1: RIP B-day pg.1 by Asweetdarkheart Just a Smile: Chpt 1: RIP B-day pg.1 :iconasweetdarkheart:Asweetdarkheart 1 0 ShadAmySon... Right?  by Asweetdarkheart ShadAmySon... Right? :iconasweetdarkheart:Asweetdarkheart 1 0 Just A smile (Cover Art) by Asweetdarkheart Just A smile (Cover Art) :iconasweetdarkheart:Asweetdarkheart 1 0 My First by Asweetdarkheart My First :iconasweetdarkheart:Asweetdarkheart 0 0
(Shadamy) Shadow Moon Song
Shady can you see it?
See the shadow moon.
I've been here watching,
As it looms over you.
You thought you were alone.
I thought that too.
So how about we change that,
Under the shadow moon.
Shady can you see it?
See the shadow moon.
It's getting closer,
To taking over you.
I can see the darkness,
Seeping onto you.
So I'll come and save you.
From the shadow moon.
You look so lonely,
I know this to be true.
You look so lonely,
Under the shadow moon.
Shady they are coming!
Coming to get you!
They want to take you back,
To the shadow moon!
But I will never ever,
Let them take you!
And you will never go back,
To the shadow moon!
Shady could they see it?
See the shadow moon.
How come they didn't want to help and save you?
Well I will save you!
So Shady can you see it?!
See the shadow moon!
Can you feel it,
The pain they put you through?
Shady can you not see it?
See the shadow moon.
I've been here watching,
As it looms over you.
Please smile Shady!
Because I will save you!
So please smile Sh
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Meet Taimy! XD by Asweetdarkheart Meet Taimy! XD :iconasweetdarkheart:Asweetdarkheart 3 0 Rest in my garden by Asweetdarkheart Rest in my garden :iconasweetdarkheart:Asweetdarkheart 3 0 Shad Amy Son! by Asweetdarkheart Shad Amy Son! :iconasweetdarkheart:Asweetdarkheart 5 0 THANK YOU! by Asweetdarkheart THANK YOU! :iconasweetdarkheart:Asweetdarkheart 4 0 Sweet Sweet Trouble by Asweetdarkheart Sweet Sweet Trouble :iconasweetdarkheart:Asweetdarkheart 2 0 Ni by Asweetdarkheart Ni :iconasweetdarkheart:Asweetdarkheart 5 2 Amy Rose by Asweetdarkheart Amy Rose :iconasweetdarkheart:Asweetdarkheart 0 0 Shadow Roses 4ever! by Asweetdarkheart Shadow Roses 4ever! :iconasweetdarkheart:Asweetdarkheart 0 2 30Day Challenge Day5 kissing by Asweetdarkheart 30Day Challenge Day5 kissing :iconasweetdarkheart:Asweetdarkheart 1 0 30Day Challenge Day4 On a Date by Asweetdarkheart 30Day Challenge Day4 On a Date :iconasweetdarkheart:Asweetdarkheart 0 0


'Till the Last Rose
Amy Rose was looking through her mail one morning when she heard a knock at the door. She opened the door and found none other than her boyfriend, Shadow the Hedgehog. He was holding something behind his back and he was smirking at her.
"Shadow? What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at work?" Shadow smirked and kissed her nose. "I took a little detour." Amy smiled and let him in. He grinned and showed Amy what he was hiding behind his back. It was a bouquet of satin red roses.
Amy gasped and looked up at Shadow. "Amy, I will love you until the last rose wilts and dies." Amy smiled and gave her boyfriend a hug. He handed her the roses and left her apartment complex. Amy smiled and looked at the roses.
Her smile vanished and she bit her lip as she frowned. 'How long do roses live?' she thought. She placed the bouquet in a tall, slender vase and got dressed. When she finished, she ran over to her bookcase and scanned the rack. She stopped at a book titled "Plants and how they grow".
:iconskydancer123:skydancer123 30 29
How To Tell Him
Amy shivered nervously as she watched the clock tick. She gripped the sheets with her gloves hands and tried to focus on something else. She looked out the window and saw a bluebird. She watched as it flew up to a tree, where a nest was neatly sitting.
She smiled as she watched the bluebird tend to its chicks. She frowned and shook her head as she cleared her mind of the scene. She looked by the clock and groaned. 'Great' she thought. 'It hasn't even been a full minute yet.'
She sighed and looked down at her stomach. She placed her hand on it gently and started to think. 'What would I tell Shadow?' Amy felt tears of joy threaten to escape her eyes. 'We've been trying since our honeymoon.' Then a thought crossed her mind that caused the color to drain from her cheeks.
'W-What if I…..' Amy felt the joyful tears turn into worrisome ones as the horrible word crossed her mind. 'No. No, don't think that way, Amy. That isn't gonna happen.' She looked down at her left hand. 'Besides' she
:iconskydancer123:skydancer123 47 30
Sorry, Sonic
Sorry Sonic
A Skydancer123 Production
A fifteen year old Amy Rose happily skipped through Station Square. She still wore that same red dress and headband. Her hair had grown to her waist and she finally grew into an hourglass figure that was hidden by the dress.
She started humming a tune when she saw a certain blue hedgehog sitting in the shade. She smiled and made her way over to him. She only wanted to say a quick hello and be on her way. "Hi Sonikku" she giggled.
The blue hedgehog opened one eyelid and grumbled to himself. "Go away, Amy. I'm not in the mood today." Amy frowned and placed her hands on her hips. "Well that's not very nice" she pouted. Sonic growled and stood up. "I told you, GO AWAY!"
Amy stomped her foot, determined to say hello to him. "Well if you would actually listen" "NO, AMY! I'M NOT THE ONE WHO HAS TO LISTEN! YOU ARE!" Amy closed her mouth, confused and slightly frightened by Sonic's sudden outburst.
:iconskydancer123:skydancer123 35 19
+-Time to serve coffee-+ by WeKnew +-Time to serve coffee-+ :iconweknew:WeKnew 17 6 Wanna Love You Forever by IceComet01 Wanna Love You Forever :iconicecomet01:IceComet01 23 6 times like this by yeesm times like this :iconyeesm:yeesm 8 2
the half blood rose chpt 6
Back in the dorm
Shadow: Amy are you ok?
Amy: I swore to my self that I'd never let my self get to close to anyone
Shadow: that's a silly thing to say
Amy: im always afraid of hurting someone because of what I am
Shadow: I think I would be willing to take that chance
Amy looked up at him blushing
Amy: really?
Shadow: really
Amy sat up and took Shadows hand and they moved closer to each other and kissed each other
Amy and Shadow sat back both blushing
Amy&Shadow: wow
Amy cleared her throat
Shadow: well dose this mean we're a couple?
Amy: I guess so
She smiled
The next morning the both got up at the same time
Shadow: good morning my rose
Amy: good morning my bad boy
They kissed each other and got ready for school
Amy: I'll see you at 2:00 ok hon?
Shadow: I'll be counting the minutes till I see you again
As Shadow was walking down the hallway he was enveloped by darkness and disappeared
Shadow: ugh were am I?
???: are you truly in love with my sister?
Shadow: who are you
???: I am amys tw
:iconlalarose22:lalarose22 24 15
the half blood rose chpt 5
In the woods with Amy and Shadow
Amy: Shadow I'm so sorry I told you to get away, oh my god I didn't want anyone to find out about this
She wiped the blood that was on her lip
Shadow: Amy what are you?
Amy turned to him
Amy: remember when I told I was half something
Shadow: so you're a vampire why did you choose that life?
Shadow: so you were forced?
Amy: (crying)yes in a way I was born like this my mother was seduced by a vampire and when she went into labor with me and my sister he bit her after I came out so my sister is a full vampire and I'm in hiding from my father
Shadow: wow that's gotta be a tough life, so you still drink blood?
Amy: only when I don't take my serum
Shadow: serum?
Amy: it's a special chemical that inhibits the want for blood blade gave it to me when he found me
Shadow: you mean blade the vampire slayer!
Amy saw his neck was still bleeding
Amy: here let me patch you up this is my fault anyway
Shadow blushed (
:iconlalarose22:lalarose22 18 90
Prison Island Break - Realisation by Loanet Prison Island Break - Realisation :iconloanet:Loanet 29 11 Knutkles by Mike3k9 Knutkles :iconmike3k9:Mike3k9 160 49 This must Be Sonic... by Ms-Maggie This must Be Sonic... :iconms-maggie:Ms-Maggie 376 212 I Didn't Trip Him by Ms-Maggie I Didn't Trip Him :iconms-maggie:Ms-Maggie 300 31 Summer is Near: 11 by hopelessromantic721 Summer is Near: 11 :iconhopelessromantic721:hopelessromantic721 85 51 The Unknown page 70 by FeistyFelioness The Unknown page 70 :iconfeistyfelioness:FeistyFelioness 101 19 The Unknown page 67 by FeistyFelioness The Unknown page 67 :iconfeistyfelioness:FeistyFelioness 92 24




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